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AUSD requires four English courses in order to graduate.

The AHS English Language Arts program prepares students for the rigor and challenge of college and for a life of critical thinking. Students will read regularly outside of class at all grade levels. Reading homework will include class texts and may include choice texts. Students will be held accountable for this reading at all grade levels. During each of their four years, students will engage with a wide variety of texts including novels, plays, short stories, poetry and non-fiction texts. All students will read 6-8+ complete works of literature during each year of English. The complexity of the texts will increase each year as students build on the skills and knowledge from prior years and continue developing the habits of mind and sustained focus necessary for success in college and the world after high school. Students will write extensively throughout each year of English at Alameda High School. Writing will include literary analysis, persuasive writing, narrative and descriptive writing

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