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A minimum of two years of mathematics taken at the high school level is required for high school graduation.


For most students, this requirement may mean they must pass Geometry, Algebra 2, or Pre-Calculus to graduate from high school, depending on the initial math course taken in high school.

  • The completion of an Algebra I course in middle school or high school is required by the state of California for a high school diploma.
  • Four years of Mathematics are recommended for college-bound students.
  • Summer math courses taken at the community college should be viewed only as an enrichment course that is taken before taking the full, year-long course at Alameda High School. Summer community college math courses may not be used to advance in math by skipping a math course offered at the high school.


Read Math Content Standards

Math Courses

If you are considering taking a summer math course in order to advance for the 2024-25 school year, read this document first.

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