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Letters of Recommendation/Secondary School Reports


Most private colleges will require Secondary School Reports and Letters of Recommendation as part of their application process.  The standard requirement is a Secondary School Report completed by a counselor or school administrator and two letters of recommendation written by teachers.  Some schools will also accept an optional third letter written by non-school personnel (employer, supervisor, etc.)  

Please note: UCs and CSUs do not require Secondary School Reports or Letters of Recommendation.

AHS counselors will complete the Secondary School Report for seniors as requested as long as they have met the deadline for request submission.  The Report includes a transcript, rating scales, questions about academics/activities and a written comments.   Counselors will also provide Mid-Year Reports at the end of the first semester as required.  The Mid-Year Report consists of the 7th semester transcript, rating scales, questions about academics/activities, and mid-year update.  

Counselors will provide school reports and transcripts for scholarships as requested.  Please note, however,  that counselors will not provide letters of recommendation for scholarships.  For those letters, students should consult the recommender guidelines of that scholarship and select a recommender as appropriate. 

Counselors require for a Secondary School Report Request:

Teachers may require:

  • Unofficial transcript, test scores if requested by teacher
  • If the teacher is sending letters on paper through the mail, provide stamped, addressed envelopes for eachcollege and the Teacher Evaluation Form that is part of the application (download from
  • Any deadlines or specific required information requested in the college or scholarship application.

Deadline for Counselor Letters of Recommendation Requests/Packet Submission

  • October 1 at 3:45 p.m

The absolute and final deadline to submit a packet is October 1. Packets will not be accepted after thatdate. Counselors will NOT write letters of recommendation as part of the Secondary School Report for anystudent who submits their information after October 1.

What Teachers and Counselors Need to Write Your Letter of Recommendation/Secondary School Report